Rocco Deserto is a Stand Up Comedian from Brooklyn New York. His unique style and humbleness generates a high degree of likeability with hilarious insights about his life and shortcomings that make his performances very entertaining and fun.

Though Rocco never imagined doing stand-up comedy, he was always a huge fan of Comedy, watching Eddie Murphy, Louis C.K., George Carlin, Robert Schimmel and any Stand-Up specials he found on TV. Ironically, Rocco was a very shy kid; it wasn't until after High School that he developed his smart ass personality.
It was the summer of 2010, when Rocco decided to pursue Stand Up Comedy. He had been told in the past that he should try it since he had a knack for making anyone laugh (even strangers) with his ranting stories, but when he was told by 2 separate colleagues in a
2 day span he decided to give it a try.

Before making a fool of himself on stage, Rocco decided to get some coaching before attempting Stand Up live. He signed up for
Caroline's School of Comedy with Linda Smith, and on August 1, 2010 he performed at Caroline's on Broadway in front of more than 150 people for the first time anywhere. His performance on that day flabbergasted his friends and family as many of them didn't think know
Rocco had that inside of him.

Rocco has performed all over New York City, at Caroline's on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand-Up NY, New York Comedy Club, and has even performed at the famous Beacon Theatre!

Rocco would like to give a special Thank You to:

My wife Melissa (who's never missed a show)- Thank you for supporting me throughout this journey. You've had the difficult tasking of having to endure my stress before every show.

Linda Smith - You have helped me transform from just a funny fat guy, into a Comedian.

Vince August - Probably the funniest comedian I've ever watched and my big brother in Comedy, you've always made yourself available to give me advice whenever I seek it, and for that I'm forever grateful.

My Family - Thank you for being crazy enough to give me something to rant about on stage.